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rubberMill's technical library for rubber product characteristics, rubber tolerance, rubber compounds.

Technical Data

RubberMill has compiled a large collection of technical information as a service to its customers. With the exception of the calculators, all of these are PDF files that will open in a new browser window to make it easy for you to come back here to make more selections if required.

General Information
Common Elastomer Descriptions
Properties of Elastomers
Chemical Resistance of Common Elastomers
Elastomer Physical & Analytical Testing
Relative Material Cost Comparison
Hardness of Rubber - Durometer
Common Radius Chart

Technical information on rubber and rubber compounds provided by RubberMill.

Manufacturing Tolerances of Rubber Parts
Molded Rubber
Rubber and Urethane Roll Coverings
Thickness Solid Rubber Sheet
Die Cut Solid Rubber Sheet
Thickness Sponge Rubber Sheet
Die Cut Sponge Rubber Sheet
Cross Sectional Solid Rubber Extrusion
Cut Length Solid Rubber Extrusion
Cross Sectional Sponge Rubber Extrusion
Cut Length Sponge Rubber Extrusion
Lathe Cut Washers

Temperature: °C to °F, °F to °C
Measurement: mm to inch & inch to mm